Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy my healthy kitchen?
MYHK meals are available all over the UK. Lucky you! Take a look at our stockists for more information.

How do I cook your meals?
Remove the cardboard packaging, pierce the plastic film lid, and cook it in the microwave for around three and a half minutes. For specific cooking instructions see the back of your meal’s packaging. You’ll get the hang of it – it’s not rocket science.

Are any of the meals suitable for vegetarians?
Sure. To find meals suitable for vegetarians, browse Our Recipes; they’ll be marked by a green ‘V’.

I’m allergic to nuts. Can I eat your meals?
None of our meals contain nuts, and while we do sometimes handle nuts in our factory we follow procedures to avoid any contamination. So, eating our meals should be totally fine – but we completely understand if you want to be extra careful.

I’m gluten intolerant. Can I eat your meals?
Our Pea, Mint & Rocket Risotto, Chicken Paella, and Prawn Katsu aren’t made with any ingredients that contain gluten, so they should be safe to eat – but we’ve not yet had them certified gluten free.

Do you have any vegan options?
Our Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto is made to a vegan recipe and with vegan-friendly ingredients. However, it is not certified vegan.

Do all of your meals contain dairy?
Nope! Our Oriental Chicken, Moroccan Prawn, Chicken Paella and Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto are all dairy free.

There’s something wrong with my meal. What should I do?
Uh oh, sorry about that! We’ll put things right as soon as we can. Send an email to our customer service team at, or ping over a message on Facebook or Instagram letting us know more about the problem, and we’ll go from there.

I’m interested in stocking my healthy kitchen. Who can I talk to?
Simply drop an email to and we’ll get back in touch to answer any questions.

How many people do your meals serve?
Each my healthy kitchen meal serves one person. So, step away from the toast – who says you can’t eat well when you’ve a night to yourself?

Can I freeze my meal?
my healthy kitchen meals are so good because of the fresh, tasty ingredients – so we wouldn’t recommend freezing them.

How long do your meals last?
Every meal has a use by date printed on the packet. We’re helpful like that.